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By Vilain 5-pack

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This bundle makes you choose five products so you're ready for anything. It always feels good to be prepared.
Ships in 20 hours, 37 minutes.
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Get back to reality with the By Vilain 5-pack

In this great bundle, you can choose all the By Vilain Waxes all the By Vilain Pre-stylers, all the By Vilain haircare and all the tools. Use this bundle to get back on track when the world opens once more, or spice up your quarantine and practice to be ready once it opens again. This amazing bundle holds the key to all the different hairstyles out there whether you want a pompadour, quiff or a slick back. Set your creativity free and get it before your neighbor. 

Choose between the following pre stylers:

By Vilain Sidekick (Provides heat protection, texture and builds volume)
By Vilain Sidekick Zero (Provides heat protection, texture and builds volume. Contains 72% organic ingredients with no perfume)
By Vilain NEON Seasalt Foam (Provides heat protection a beachy texture and builds volume

Choose between the following waxes:

By Vilain Gold Digger (Mudwax with extreme hold and matte finish)
By Vilain Silver Fox ( Mudwax with extreme hold and medium shine finish)
By Vilain Dynamite Clay ( Clay wax with strong hold and matte finish)
By Vilain Powermade Pomade (Pomade with light hold and high shine finish)
By Vilain Wax Zero (Mud Wax with strong hold and natural shine finish. Contains 54% organic ingredients with no perfume)
By Vilain Fiber Paste (Fiber wax with a medium hold and medium shine finish)
By Vilain  Revolution ( Mud wax with a strong hold, lots of playtime and a low shine finish)

Choose between the following Shampoos and conditioners:

By Vilain Rush Conditioner

By Vilain Rush Shampoo
By Vilain Skyline Conditioner

Choose between all the different tools

You can find all the By Vilain Products right here



2 omdömen

Review by: R

The Best

I think it's the best pack, products are great, and u save money ????.
Review by: William D

Fantastic value

I love By Vilain products, and I love saving money. this pack is great!
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