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By Vilain Blow

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By Vilain Blow är ett volymskapande stylingpuder med medelstark hållbarhet och matt finish (7 g)

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: By Vilan Blow (7 g) är ett volymskapande stylingpuder som ger en matt effekt. Det stärker dina rötter och ger en flexibel hållbarhet medan det ger fyllighet och textur - allt med en naturlig, matt finish utan glansighet.

  • Medelstark hållbarhet & matt finish
  • Flexibel volym
  • Låter dig forma håret i vilken stil som helst


Applicera lite By Vilain Blow på rötterna av torrt hår och styla som önskat. Du kan antingen gnugga in pudret med dina fingertoppar eller spraya direkt på rötterna genom att använda pipen. Kom ihåg, lite räcker långt.


Aqua, Silica Silylate, PEG-8, Potassium Sorbate, Citric Acid.


6 omdömen

Review by: Markus

Great powder, bad pump

I love the product, but the dispenser is horrible. My first bottle was from amazon, and didn’t work at all, the other two I ordered here, but they also stopped working now. The newer one was still working last night, but now also completely stopped. If the powder would work as well when applied in the hands I wouldn’t mind as much, but I only get the desired results when I can apply directly to the roots : /
Review by: Ben

The best

Great volume and texture in my hair! Love it.
Review by: sebastien

nice product but bad conception spray

very nice product , it's amazing . it's a pity that the spray does not function any more at half of the bottle . I have the problem with two different blow spray in my last order and I am thus disappointed .
Review by: HectorH

Power of Volume

This product it's my favorite of all times. The best combination for this product it's the Dynamite Clay wax.
Review by: Gilldo


I honestly underestimated this product. It is amazing! Works kinda like wax and hairspray all in one. You can rub it into your hair and it also shows the same finish as if you sprayed it with hairspray. Well done Emil and Rasmus!!
Review by: Peter Bast

All time favorite

Yes! It's finally back. I've been waiting for this one. My all time favorite for volume
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