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By Vilain Confidence Kit

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By Vilain Confidence Kit includes 1 x Sidekick, 1 x By Vilain Wax, and 1 x By Vilain Tool.

Ships in 14 hours, 28 minutes.

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569,00 kr
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569,00 kr
455,00 kr
569,00 kr

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Build your confidence with this awesome kit

One of the most successful ways to build confidence in your self, the hair and appearance. We put this kit together for you, to invest in yourself and to get the essentials for a great hairstyle.


By Vilain Sidekick (5.24 fl. oz./155 ml) provides you with a healthy-looking natural shine that makes it possible for you to create your desired hairstyle. Sidekick also offers superior style creation and touchable hold. In addition to pre-blow-drying benefits, you can also finish your hairstyle off with this wonder product for a longer lasting hold.

Wax and pomades

By Vilain Gold Digger (2.2 fl. oz./65 ml) is a professional, high performing hair wax with extreme hold and a perfect matte finish. It allows you to create spectacular hairstyles every day and it is easy to work with. It will thicken your hair by adding fullness and texture, and all with a natural, matte finish with no shine. Here at SlikhaarShop, we compare the Gold Digger to the perfect pair of jeans that you just cannot live without. This product is simply a life changer.

By Vilain Silver Fox (2.2 fl. oz./65 ml) is the ultimate professional styling product. This wax is perfect if you are going for extreme hold and a shiny finish. It allows you to create spectacular hairstyles every day because of its unique silicone-based formula.

By Vilain Dynamite Clay (2.2 fl. oz./65 ml) is a uniquely formulated styling product that adds texture to lifeless hair and gives it a fuller appearance. It tames even the hardest to manage thick hair and is suitable for all hair types. If you are looking for matte sculpting and gritty texture, this is the one. It allows you to create spectacular hairstyles every day.

By Vilain Powermade Pomade(2.2 fl. oz./65 ml) is a professional, high performing hair pomade with a glossy finish and light hold. The silky soft texture of the pomade makes it easy to apply and will leave your hair with a healthy looking natural glow due to the moisture lock-effect. Powermade will for sure add a new dimension to your daily styling routine.

By Vilain Wax Zero (2.2 fl. oz./65 ml) is a 54% organic hair wax with 0% perfume. It provides a strong hold and a natural glow. By Vilain Wax Zero is easy to apply with its creamy texture without tug and pull. It allows for re-workability.

The Tools

By Vilain Paddle Brush By Vilain Skeleton Brush By Vilain Comb By Vilain XL Comb By Vilain Giant Comb By Vilain 9 Row Brush By Vilain Cutting Comb

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