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By Vilain Paddle Brush

I lager

By Vilains Paddle Brush är ett professionellt hårverktyg som kan befria alla hårlängder från tovor medan den samtidigt försiktigt masserar hårbotten.

Ships in 22 hours, 45 minutes.
129,00 kr



Denna borste från By Vilain kan borsta tovor ur alla hårtyper medan den samtidigt reder ut håret. De mjuka piggarna masserar försiktigt hårbotten medan du borstar.

  • Skaftets finish är mjukt och halkfritt för bättre grepp och kontroll
  • Perfekt för att styla mellanlångt till långt hår


Carbon Fiber


4 omdömen

Review by: Logan

Stolyen by my girlfriend

Had to buy a second one after my girlfriend stole my first one. Keep up the good works guys !
Review by: Michal

The product I was looking for

This brush is completely what my hair needs. After long time struggling with different combs and low-cost products, I decided to order this brush and it was the best decision I could make. My hair is thick and I couldn't find anything to work with them but this comb does magic. Only few moves through my hair and my hairstyle is done. Anytime I need. I recommend it with all my fingers.
Review by: Daniel

The perfect brush

This is the perfect brush, it doesn't scratch my scalp, the handle gives a good grib and makes it easy to control the brush.
Review by: William

Great Quality

Worth the price, it doesn't feel like a cheap brush at all and it will definitely last a lifetime.
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